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You’ve got big dreams and they keep you busy. That’s why it’s important to have a renters insurance policy that can keep up! At Family Source Insurance, we’ll build you a policy that follows you wherever you go and protects all that matters most. So, no matter if you’re running errands, traveling for work or simply relaxing in your living room, you can have peace of mind that, should the unexpected happen, you’d be covered.

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Renters Insurance Coverage

You may not own your home, but your belongings transform your apartment into a place that’s uniquely yours. From electronics, to furniture, to décor, your things mean a lot to you and your growing dreams. And odds are your landlord’s insurance won’t cover them! That’s where we come in.

Renters insurance safeguards you from the unexpected. And because we know no two renters are alike, our customizable coverages help protect the things that matter most to you — giving you the confidence you need to keep your dreams going strong.

Not sure what renters insurance coverage is right for you? A Family Source Insurance agent is happy to help.


Complete Renters Insurance Coverage

Whether you rent a loft in your city’s downtown, or a duplex in an up-and-coming neighborhood, our protection can be customized to fit your unique lifestyle.

Property protection. Because we know it’s your stuff that makes your rental a home, our personal property coverage helps you with the costs of replacing your things should they be damaged by fire, theft, water damage and other covered losses.

But, if you’ve got unique valuables to protect, like wedding rings, family heirloom jewelry or an art collection, it’s smart to add scheduled property coverage to your renters insurance policy. This extra coverage will help pick up where your regular property protection ends, and make sure your most valuable possessions will always be protected. Your agent can help explain the details.

Liability protection. Accidents happen. And, as a renter, you can be held responsible for injuries to guests or damage to your apartment building. Our liability coverage could help you pay for property damage, first aid, medical and court costs so you can stay focused on growing your dreams.

Loss of use coverage. Should your rental become uninhabitable due to a covered loss, our loss of use coverage will help you pay for additional living expenses — such as food or a hotel room — so you can get back on your feet in no time!


Added Coverage, Extra Peace of Mind

Your life is made up of many moving parts, which is why we offer optional coverages for you to build a renters insurance policy that’s right for you. Check out some of our most popular add-on coverages and connect with your agent to discuss the best protection options for your unique dreams.

Identity theft protection. Protect your good name and your credit with this low-cost coverage, which protects you against the high costs of restoring your credit and identity.

Travel protection. Whether you’re traveling within your state or across the world, this protection provides a variety of coverages — such as trip cancelation and global medical insurance — to keep you and your belongings safe while you’re away.

Pet insurance. Protect Fido or Fluffy with up to $1,000 in coverage. This will help cover certain veterinary costs and final expenses for your pet if they’re hurt during a covered loss.

Home-based businesses. Growing your business dream from the comfort of your home office? We offer liability coverage and business property protection for small-scale, home-based businesses, so you can worry less about the logistics and focus more on your entrepreneurial ventures.

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